Our journey  with Autism started  twelve  years ago at a time of  grief, loss and endings. As newly single parent moving forward I felt overwhelmed and full of anxiety.  However I was determined to make the best of our situation.


Little  did I know at the Autism diagnosis  would be the beginning  of making our life better.


Upon returning to the The Evergreen  State College my studies began into Autism and support therapies. It was a friend that I recommended reading books by Dr Grandin.


When I switched degree focuses to Autism research  I began to read Grandins work along with other authors such as Dawn Prince Hughs and  William Stillman.. During this time period I read additional research on the theory of multiple intelligence.


The Autism journey has impacted us each differently.  This path has taken us through 4 different school systems and countless IEP meetings.  Part of that was spent in online school.  When I didn’t have money for childcare the girls often came to classed with me Evergreen State College.  Through it all my youngest now wants to be a teacher.  She is often ask to assist students with challenges in her classes.  My oldest now wants to be a para educator.


 The clear detailed writing of Temple Grandin helped me to begin to grasp the needs that would  be required for my daughter’s success.  I have been approved for scholarship funds to attend the autism conference.  Sunday the girls and additional FFA members will  attend the lecture given by Temple Grandin on Multiple Species. 


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