Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

The days grow short in the Winter time. The temperatures drop to blustery negative numbers.  Some years the temperatures are worse then others. So far the worst we experienced was negative 40 degrees.  There are compensation this time of year. Some of those trade offs are the time to gather with co workers, friends, and listen to stories of the surrounding area and different lives experience of locals.

For my youngest its sliding and skating across a shallow near by  pond with one of her best friend with a toboggan.

This time of year is great time for reading, time for art, and a time for watching the dance of the northern lights. The sky is never really completely dark.  The Northern Lights bring a breathtaking show all there own to the sky’s over the Alaskan interior.  The light show takes a new rhythm every night.  Some nights it chargers across the sky with a crackle of  intense electrical charge. Watching and listening to it reminded me of the thundering hooves of  wild mustang running through the wide open field.  Other nights the dance is a soft  river of light with gently pulsating charges of light as it roles on through . Last night was a new show of angles wings and abstract flowers hanging in the night sky slowly hovering and watching out over the expansive spruce forest and near by houses..

The Northern Lights are a collision of gaseous particles in the atmosphere.  The colors can be a rare red light show, pale yellow green or purple reddish and blues.  The colors that are dominant are dependent of currentatmospheric conditions..

The human civilizations have explained the northern lights in many different ways.  Some of the norther tribal stories are linked to the ancestors watching over the people, playing games and or animals of past hunts, the land of the giants and or ancestors  playing in the night sky. to the Roman the lights were the goddess of the dawn.


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