Let the drive begin

Let the drive begin….

I hope that everyone gets a chance to drive and explore the Alaska Highway. The experience is priceless.   The Milepost travel guide has many of these potential experiences listed for people to explore together for months and years on end. The Canadian and Alaska people are kind wonderful and warm.

The opportunities for wildlife viewing are numerous. Some of our highlights included numerous buffalo, a lone black wolf running along the moving truck, North America’s largest owl and a shy Bull Moose grazing by the safety of the tree line. My co worker has seen 5 bears along with caribou and elk.

Trip preparedness…

  1. Alaska Mile  Post travel guide a must it can be purchased  through Barnes and Noble or Amazon .com
  2. Phone service is spotty.  Make sure your phone carrier is prepared for your travel plans through Canada.   Then follow recommended protocols to have accessible communication through the remote Alaskan wilderness.   Follow the same protocol for your GPS units
  3. Call your banks and have a vacation rider notification on your credit and debit cards.  Be sure and carry extra cash. There are times when access to accounts can be spotty.
  4. If making the drive in a rental vehicles please read the fine print on the travel restrictions on roads that are allowed for travel for coverage and the roads that aren’t.
  5. Check with insurance coverage that meet Canadian requirement and extra

road side emergency coverage.


We made the drive in a 15ft U-Haul truck with attached car hauler.  The weight of the heavily loaded truck plus the weight of towing the car hauler caused a way higher rate of gas consumption then we expected. The trip had its series of mishaps. They incidents and breakdowns happened with that attached car hauler. Some of which included blown tires and slow leaks from the icy roads and a wiring harness that was caught up in the chains and damaged beyond repair.

Trip highlights.

With the girls and dog loaded we started our drive with a side trip through Eastern Washington to Castle Guard BC.   The reason for the side trip was a long over do visit to life long friends that had relocated to Castle Gar BC.

The rolling hills of Eastern Washington were covered with a light morning fog. As it gradually rolled back, my eyes were met with stunning shades of golden green and yellows. In some places cows were grazing. Many fields held unending fields of newly emerging crops.

Castle Guar is nestled in the Kootenai Rockies It is about an hour and a half from the Canadian Border. The panorama view of the massive rocky out cropping is visually impressive.   The local economy is heavily reliant on timber, mining, and tourism. Currently challenges are faced by timber economy with the Pine Beetle Bark infestation.

The First Nations People that still reside in this area and in the American side of the border are the Arrow Lakes Band of Sinixt peoples (Interior Salish Tribe). They have roamed this area for 10,000 years. The language is a Salish linguistic extraction dialect of the Colville-Okanagan language. (Wikipedia)


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