Driving British Columbia

Driving British Columbia…

Driving a moving truck and car hauler made for a much slower journey then anticipated.The work requirement after leaving training from Los Angeles was an expectant 7day drive.   After flying home, packing the moving truck and getting called in for afew extra days of work. We left 7 days later then expected.

Everyday after a quick shopping trip into the local grocery store stocking up on necessaryfood, water and gas we would be on our way. We were ready for our daily embrace of the awesomeness of the Canadian wilderness. Each and everyone mile brought a new and wonderful view of spectacular British Columbia.

Historical Stop of Hundred Mile.

We stopped at 100 mile BC for an extra night of rest. Upon our arrival the town was busily preparing for a regional hockey competition. The first few hotels were booked. We finally found a nice clean not to expensive hotel about half way through town on the left hand side. They didn’t charge extra for our dog. Interestingly enough this town was originally named Bridge Creek House. The name change happened during the Cariboo Gold rush. It was a half way stop between

Kamloops an Fort Alexandria. It was a collection of cabins that people could stop at for rest while on the long travel. The further north we drove we noticed an ever increasing amount of snow and the accumulated compact snow and ice was visible on the road. This slowed down are daily progress even further. The nightly temperatures became colder quickly

On this trip we faced challenges. The worst of these challenges came when we arrived in Chetwnd. We tried checking into the Motel 8 and my debit card wouldn’t work.  Unfortunately the prepaid phone service doesn’t work in Canada. The customer service 800 numbers listed on the back of the cards couldn’t be called from Canada. .   However we were able to use the hotel’s phone to call my Canadian friends 800 number.   She wasn’t home either. We went across the street to the A&W across the street. I struck up conversation with the couple sitting next to us.  I explained our situation and they recommended an emergency shelter behind the The Red Lion Tavern. It was about a mile from our location at the A@W. They fed us pizza and salad. We were warm and fed. I was feeling grateful and tired.

The blessing in this experience came the next morning. Claire my older daughter noticeda damaged wiring harness on  the car hauler. We pulled over to the gas station across the street. The debit cards worked normally. We filled up the fuel tank and pulled over to the mechanic near by. It turns out the car hauler was no longer safe to use for transport. Thankful with the help of this kind gentleman we were able to call Uhaul and order a replacement car hauler. The Uhaul place was located about 30 minutes out of town. Car hauler switched we were finally on our way to Dawson Creek.


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