Thoughts on Fathers Day and a Book Review

This father’s day I am sad for many different reasons.  Before I left California many years ago my dad was exited for me to be following my dream going to Alaska.  He planned on coming for a visit when I was settled in.  It took me twenty years to get here. He isn’t alive to see the accomplishment of this dream.  My dad was an avid camper in his younger years. He would have loved it here in Alaska.

This father’s day the Paternal Grandpa is too far to spend quality to spend time with the girls.  He has been sober for some time now and the girls have had wonderful treasured memories.  He is the type of Grandpa with unending patience and would teach the girl’s things like carpentry or planting lilacs in the orchard.  For the next few years we live too far away to make more memories on father’s day.

I have been divorced from the girl’s biological father for 10 and ½ years.  The reason for the dissolution of the marriage was his down ward spiral into   Meth.  This addiction was facilitated on an interactive pattern, long before we ever met, of his piers and extended family.  The need for this escape from living a sober life was perpetuated by a long ago trauma from his childhood.

Part of my job is to learn about different disabilities.  Lately I have been reading books on addictions.  The readings lately have made me sad. However the time spent reading is helping me understand more about the addictive process

The most recent book I have been reading is called, “Clean” by David Sheff.  He is an investigative journalist with first hand experience is addiction issues.  The first hand experience comes from supporting his son through a Meth addiction.

This book is a extremely detailed personal account of that journey. The reading also contains helpful information on questions to ask while seeking help. It gives reference to what’s possible what isn’t during the process of fighting for a loved one with addictions.  With in the writing he touches on different components of the healing process.  The author covers the in comprehensive details of the physical changes that happen with in the brain and the fusing of the brain changes that happen and how the thought patterns become distorted.

The book explains the detailed account the phases of rehabilitation process, comprehensive analysis on how the system is needs to be improved.  He gives detailed questions to ask while finding a right rehabilitation process for ones children.  This book contains a great deal of insight guiding others through the addictive process.  The journey of the addictive process is so unique and individualized.  Its highly recommended resource book to give guidance in that long lonely road.


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