Culture of Disability



One of my job requirements is to research gain a better understanding of the culture of disability.  The readings have covered a broad subject base. The research topics have included Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Addictions, Autism, and much more.


The reading I am enjoying the most are authors that demonstrate a detailed understanding of the issues. They then offer formats for solutions and healing. One such author is Claudia Black.  Currently I am reading two of her books, “Changing Course, and Legacy of Shame in the Addictive Process”


Far to often individuals with various disability have been abused, neglected, and mistreated.  Her reading offers easy to read formats for healing and support.


However serious on the nature of the disability hope exist through the culture of recovery.    Recovery isn’t just about addictions.  Its the process of healing the human spirit.  The series of steps  create a new awareness’s, realizations, and release of emotional pain.


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