Animal Companions

It’s not secret that animals have been wonderful companion animals for thousands years.
This companion animal was one of the first to show loyalty, unconditional love, acceptance and protection during times of isolation.  Its fiber has provided warmth through its fiber.

Last weekend we were introduced to a new dynamic of human dog interaction in a therapeutic capacity. The interaction was experienced through the use of sled dog teams. The mushers and dog teams spent time supporting people with disabilities. The dog teams gave increased mobility and freedom to individuals with physical restrictions.

The concept of sled dogs is not new. The tribal cultures have used sled dogs as draft animals for approximately 25,000 years. Archeological evidence suggests the use of sleds started three thousand years ago. The sled dog races are still well celebrated sporting events in many cultures.

The non profit that is providing this service to different able individuals is called Noble Paws. They have custom designed equipment to meet the different physical challenges. The smiles of the individuals returning from this experience was priceless..


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