This drive has been an adventure of epic proportions.

The scenery is beautiful.  The Kootenai mountains are just as beautiful as the mountains in Switzerland.  The rest of the scenery has been a combination of the golden hills of California and the wide open Farm lands of Washington.   When driving through Lake County, the kiddo counted seven lakes just from the highway.

Today we are about 1400 hundred miles away from Fairbanks.  We will reach the Alaska border with in about 10 hours.   Here is Canada things shut down by five. This includes the gas stations.  In addition to the warning signs of Moose crossing highway signs I am limiting my driving to day light hours only.

Making progress today.. Learned a lot about the development of the areas.. Trapping brought people to the area.. then the gold rush facilitated  development.  The current stretch of road we are  on has an interesting history to it

Canada’s economic base appears very diverse from farm lands to industry and multiple service industry. The infrastructure is impeccably maintained

Today’s wildlife view included Eagles and a Caribou. Naturally none of them were in a place to pull over the moving truck and take pictures..

Love ya


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