Travel Notes

It is beautiful. Coming over the boarder the terrain is stunning.. We drove through several different types of micro climates from rolling farm lands to high desert plateaus.

One very interesting area was swirls of high mineral white rocks visible through the hillside. The mountains in this area appear to be more of a granite and pillow rock.  However with out stopping and inspecting I can’t tell for sure. We will stop and start taking more  pictures tomorrow.

Global Climate change is evident through the entire journey with the lack of existing snow pack, and low river and lake levels.   We didn’t hit substantial snow until we were over the Canadian Boarder. While traveling over Snaqualmie Pass it was sad to see the empty shut down ski resorts.  The  forest here have been severely damaged the pine Beatles.  In addition there is a lack of noticeable secondary growth in the tree lines.

Additional notes… the negative  the truck was so loaded down there was considerable strain being  on the transmission.. Things got pretty nerve wrecking going over Snaqualmi pass.. However once we got on the semi flat plains of Eastern Washington the truck handled much better.


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