“There’s a Boy in Here Emerging from the Bonds of Autism,” by Judy and Sean Barron

“There’s a Boy in Here Emerging from the Bonds of Autism,” by Judy and Sean Barron

This book brings to light some of the thought processes of an individual on the Autism Spectrums.  The

Title  itself  There’s a Boy in Here  Emerging from the Bonds of Autism”    The  book describes the epic

roller coaster journey of a couple  finding new innovative  ways to create the ideal conditions for the

person on the Autism spectrum  to emerge.  .  .   What makes this book even more power ful is the

perspective of the person on the Autism and a detailed description of the thoughts going on at the

moments of the different documented incidents.

Throughout the chapters the  combination of mother and son  recollections of the same experienced

exist. The collaboration contains the detailed feelings and descriptions of thought processes and

perceptions of the person on the Autism Spectrum often is a great mystery for many caretakers.   The

detailed  documentation perceptions of Sean focus and how the sensory issues impacted him are

invaluable .  These detailed writing helps caretakers gain insight on what accommodations might help

bridge the gap of understanding for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

In the book  my attention is especially drawn to when is 7th grade Sean decided he needed a sense

of humor.  At this age he became aware of his differences and decided he would make an active effort

to engage people.  He describes a strong desire to want to be like the other kids. ( This desire is non

evident in his early years when the actions of other people have  no interest to him what so ever.)

In order to learn how to laugh he watched repetitive shows of Gilligan’s Island to the point of

memorizing scenes.  A resulting difficulty for this concrete learner was not understanding why his family

wouldn’t laugh at the same point that the audience laughed on TV. He even repeated the jokes so much

his sister was in tears.  His mom tried to explain this point that everyone was not always going to think

that the same jokes are funny .   The repeated verbal explanations was a therapeutic theme approach

thought out the book in the hopes that eventually an understanding would be able to be engaged.

Additional key points the book helped create a new awareness for me for individuals on the Autism Spectrum was:

  1. The self imposed isolation do to inability to relate to individuals.
  2. The detailed description of being tormented and how teasing causing him to withdrawal from the people he went to school with.
  3. The extremes Sean went to being the last one in the classroom to avoid the challenges of interaction with other people.
  4. The need to have some sense of control in his life for example making the choice to be the last one on the bus.
  5. One of the pivotal points in the book was when Sean’s dad quit talking to him for 8 days.  The fear of losing his dads love gave Sean a new determination to try and consciously control his behavior
  6. Sean’s childhood battle of fighting constantly with images of low self esteem and feelings of self worth.

 Questions Raised

What are the key therapies that  impacted Sean that parents that could easily accessible and can be implemented to support there child’s emergence from the Autism?

How can these children be supported in an emotionally positive manner?

How the children’s attention be engaged in a stimulating manner?

What are the techniques that can be used at home in everyday activities to increase the therapeutic opportunities.

On a personal level this reading has also helped me understand the importance of supporting children

in the feeling of needing some kind of control in her environment.  This explains the overwhelming

anger and frustration that she is acting out when she gets off the bus after school.  Reading this book

has increased my optimism for the new school schedule for next year being much more effective and

easier for her to process.


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