“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” Lau Tzo

The last decade several doors have closed and much loss has been felt.  It is only lately I realize that learning to let go of what was or should have been, and taking a leap of faith into the unknown a better life can emerge. .  .

The primary purpose of this blog is to document that process of moving.  The secondary purpose is to share past research on Autism.  The last few month it has been a privilege to revisit the school that has changed so much.  It is clear that the Para Educators and Special  Education Teachers and deeply passionate and committed to making a better like for the children with an Autism diagnosis.

As the moving preparations continue I will start uploading past research to share with others who are on the journey as a support system through the schools or extended family.  Each journey is unique..

The Study of Autism in Special Education

Research Question:

What are the conditions needed to   help a person on the Autism Spectrum Disorder to emerge in the classroom?  In life?

Problem Questions:

What are the common challenges of individuals working with Autism Spectrum Disorder?  How can we come together as a community to help individuals with special needs emerge?

Autistic Children:  New Hope for a Cure who believe that modern life with its unnatural living conditions, chemicals broken-down social systems, and chronic stress, over stimulates and assaults the human animal, causing some to manifest the biological and psychological malice we call autism.  (Pg 223 Songs of the Gorilla nation)


Several challenges face our community with the ever increasing numbers of children with special

needs.  Diagnostic tools improvements have given experts and parent the ability to detect learning

challenges earlier and develop a more effective response  for greater  success.   Unfortunately the

validity of the increases numbers go beyond that of the diagnostic tool changes. Emerging scientific

evidence points to environmental factors as a key suspect for contributing to the raise of special needs

cases in this nation’s schools.

A large support system is involved in the intervention process.  A coordinated response is

required for individuals of the diagnosis to succeed.   No greater stakeholder exists than that of the

individual afflicted the disorder and the family members.   In order to achieve successful outcome with a

decent  quality of life, a passionate belief , unending persistence, and hope is required..  Also involved in

this lengthy process is never ending search for current updated information, and new treatments that

could safely and effectively be used to benefit of the diagnosed individual.   The simultaneous

implementation of multiple   support therapies may be needed ranging from Diet, Occupation, Speech,

Physical or Mental Health Services.  The hope is to stimulate the growth of neuro pathways in brain


One such disorder of great concern is the rise of Autism spectrum Disorder and Asbergers.  Most

experts believe the numbers are 1 in 150 children are afflicted with the disorder of Autism. In the

research done by Dietrich Klinghardt  the numbers are believed to be as high as 1 in 40 children are on

the spectrum.  The spectrum disorders mentioned are considered to the source of neurological origin.

The simplified explanation is a miss fire in the brain occurs preventing the messages from the brain

to be carried out in a neuro typical manner.   The brain development and function has been inhibited by

the absence of a brain protein called timulin.  The lack of brain protein happens when a presence of

heavy metals  or mercury is detected.

Environmental Factors

For our children the most vulnerable exposure comes from the childhood immunizations, which

contain a mercury preservative used in the manufacturing process.  Thimerosal a preservative used in

vaccines contains up to 50% Ethyl mercury.  In one day  infants can be exposed to 100 times the

recommended dosage recommended by the EPA  that is safe for an Adult.    ( A child’s journey out of

Autism:  Whiffen)    In the last 10 year the Center for Disease Control tripled the amount of

immunizations required for out children to be submitted to our school system. (Mother Warrior, Jenny

Mc Carthy)

Mercury is a natural occurring substance in the Earth’s Crust.  It is minded for various modern uses in

house hold lighting fixtures,  Temperature gauges , a preservative in certain  salad dressing, and

cosmetics as well as countless other uses..   Mercury is released into the Atmosphere in the use of fossil

fuels.   Ethylmercuy itself has been used in medical uses and cosmetics since the 1930.

Other environmental factors are also weakening or children development and immune systems.  One

such product that safety is being questioned is Genetically Modified Foods (GMO).  In 1994 this country

was introduced was introduced to its first GMO, the flavor savor tomato.  Currently 60 % of our grocery

store shelves have a genetically modified food source.  Independent studies and documented

deformities to insect populations lead to serious safety concern.  This also brings the serious question of

what percentage of this food source is contributing the increasing rates of child hood illnesses.  In the

last 10 year the special education case load has increased 17,000 in Washington State alone. (OSPI )

Other environmental impacts are also causing a systemic deterioration of our nations children health.

Daily our children are exposed to pesticides, house hold cleaning agents, and questionable food

preservatives.  Pesticides and Fungicides were originally developed after World word two from

chemical nerve agents.  By   1960’s a whole new line of agricultural pesticides and weed destroying

agents entered the marketplace.  The long term dangers were not known for an extended period of

time.  By the 1970 a visible environmental impact to l wildlife was noticed such as the bald eagle

population. Further studies found the DDT residual in the egg shells of the eagle nest. It is now known

the permanent of    these chemicals  in the soil and on the plants. Rachel Carson in her book Silent

Spring states specific scientific studies as to the combination of chemical residuals and packaging

materials methods turning products to carcinogenic properties.


Individual Challenges

It is often difficult for parents and professional to ascertain an accurate knowledge level by using the

models used to test  neuro typical individuals.   A high level of communication delays and

comprehension processing delays exist within the Autism community.  Often with the regimented

testing procedures a limited testing time testing methods the assumption of professions lead to

inaccurate readings leaving out the necessary unique  processing needed to answer questions


This intelligence  is repeatedly  documented in the writings of William Stillman.  A key piece

of advice given by William in his trainings needs to be applied by all professionals and parent, “Always

Assume Intelligence,” regardless of the person’s communicative ability. The focus needs to be in finding

creative ways of bridging the communication gap.   A key priority needs to be innovative solutions to

bridge the communication gap to strengthen the individual ability to express  the knowledge,

intelligence  and understanding.

The researched authors are diagnosed on different places on the spectrum but common

challenges existed.   For example each individual diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum have a very

specific Concrete thinking patterns. Concrete concepts are very literal in explanation and understanding.

Abstract language, concepts, and  descriptions, such as metaphors or abstract math such as Algebra

are impossible to process. The overall experience in   School was very difficult and traumatizing for the

individuals on the spectrum.  Specifics are discussed in the, “ The Unwritten Rules of Social

Relationships,” by Sean Barron and Temple Grandin.  Dawn Prince Hughs documents her experiences of

repeated mental abuse and assault. Neuro Typical individuals lack of tolerance of her unique behavior

and lost opportunity for teachers in missing detection for  diagnosis resulting in her leaving school

during high school.

In all readings of people afflicted with the disorders of Autism faced great social challenges in school.

The secondary factor for failure in school was the inability to succeed in a linear thinking environment.

The  resulting feelings of self worthlessness, severe depression, lack of control over individual

environment and isolation.

Thinking in Pictures with a kinesthetic component is need for successful learning.  This is a common

trait among many people on the Autism Spectrum.  This process is well explained best by Temple

Grandin in her writings and  interviews.    The visually thinking kinesthetic process is demonstrated is

also well documented over extended period of time the book Songs of the Gorilla Nation.  Within this

book she also documents learning environments that are not successful and the end result.

Sensory overload can come from any singular or combination of factors. The overload can be Visual,

Hearing, Tactile, Smell, or Taste.  The effects can range from mild anxiety to fully fledged panic attack.

Other aspects of sensory impairments result in a lack of function a type of silent in ability to function.

The slightest distraction of a buzzing overhead fluorescent light can prevent the ability to concentrate in

a classroom or office.  Attempting to read the glare of white paper on black printing cannot be

effectively accomplished without support of color overlays Irlen syndrome adaptive equipment.  The

noisy classroom or lunch room can cause behavior outburst or nervous breakdown on site.


The Authors actively discuss large and small motor physical challenges that hampered functioning

ability, existed among the researched authors.   Verbal delays are also  are hampered

by brain function.  The importance of movement in stimulating cognitive function is documented in

many of the Authors works.  The art of movement gave the necessary triggers in individuals for certain

brain functions to express knowledge.

Bio medical intervention  is a combination of medical monitoring with a specific treatment course of

body system detox and nutritional supplements.  A lot of the symptoms of Autisms are similar to that of

Mercury Poisoning.  Supplemental ProBiotics to replace the absence of beneficial bacteria in the

intestinal lining to support proper digestive processes.  Many kids have found to active immunization

grade measles bacteria in the intestinal lining.

Often individuals on the spectrum lack the ability to properly break down food leaves the body starved

for proper nutrients needed for proper growth and development. The undigested food becomes a target

for dangerous bacteria.  In extreme cases the toxic build up within the digestive processing causing

violent behavior outburst.   In other situations intestinal lining are found to have, active immunization

grade measles bacteria within the intestinal lining.

Dietary changes in all the books such as buying local organic foods from Farmers markets.  Many books

are available various forms of Gluten free diets Casein free .  The simplified explanations of this diet is

takes the greatest offenders hardest to digest out of the diet.  Test are available though Defeat Autism

Doctors or Naturopathic physicians to better determine the exact sources of allergy’s for the individual

to better be able to optimize body function.

Common Family Challenges

A painful topic covered with in all the writing is the experienced Isolationism of individuals and families

with a loved one on the Autism spectrum.  This common experience can come in the form of judgments

placed by strangers who have no understanding what so ever about the sometimes all to common

behavioral outburst that can happen from Sensory over load or the bodies inability to detox. written

about in all the books by parents taking care of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.   A general lack of

understanding exist by extended family and people that cross the paths placing judgments on families

with no understanding of the disorder

Relationships of Married couples and older or younger siblings are impacted in various degrees.

In many cases couples end up divorcing from the strain of the care required, the inability to accept

diagnosis, financial strain in addition to many other combination of reasons.  Counseling, peer group ,

and trainings in Non Violent communication are possible personal support options for families if

someone is willing to reach out and get assistance.

Sibling have been impacted  in various ways.  Sometimes perceived experiences are explained as being

lost in the overshadowed needs of the afflicted family members need.  The need for validation and

recognition for individual accomplishments needs to happen.

The Autism Protocol of Dietrich Klinghardt

The Dietrich Klingardt protocol approaches the care and treatment of the entire person.


Klinghardt believes that Autism is a man made condition.  This makes the condition preventable.

He argues that source of Autism is Mercury poisoning.    All body functions are impaired from storing

high levels of mercury.  The amount of Mercury in the body relates to the severity of Mercury Exposure.

Certain individuals with weak body detoxification functions store extremely dangerous levels of

Mercury within the body system destroying a brain protein called tubulin.    The loss of this protein

prevents normal neurological function.

The basic treatment protocols of doctors focus on three basic principles:

Suppression –  anti inflammatory, antibiotics, antifungal that work against life.

Substitution – Vitamins, minerals, hormones and other supplements

Regulation – Homeopathy, chiropractic, herbs, neural therapy, acupuncture,

Klinghardt’s main treatment goal is to restore the self regulatory body system.  In order to accomplish

this he created the protocol of the Vertical Healing System. The Vertical Healing System cited in the

protocol approaches the whole person what could be  a diverse healing approach that can encompass a

holistic of integrated approaches.

  1. Physical Body
  2. Electrical Regulation
  3. Mental Body
  4. Intuitive Body
  5. Spiritual

Question:  What is the scope of the treatment combination that could be administered?

What would be the most effective way for the cases to be managed?  What would the established base line be?

Therapeutic Support

Home Based support methods are most effective for empowering parents and being cost effective for

intervention support.  Applied Behavior consultants that make home based training available for parents

to run individual programs give the right amount of intervention support hour’s available training

RDI – Relationship Development Intervention compliments Applied Behavior Analysis.[i] have been

successfully used together in home based programs.

The Goals of RDI

Dr. Steven Gutstein is the creator of the RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) program. The program is parent-centered, and, according to the literature, is intended to help lay missing pathways in the brain. The claims made for RDI are extraordinary; according to the literature, by following the system parents can expect their children to develop:                                                                                                                                          Dramatic improvement in meaningful communication,Desire and skills to share their experiences with others,

  • Genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for other people,
  • Ability to adapt easily and “go with the flow,”
  • Amazing increase in the initiation of joint attention,
  • Powerful improvement in perspective taking and theory of mind,
  • Dramatically increased desire to seek out and interact with peers.

    Sensory Integration- disorders are a common affliction with Autism Spectrum.  Sensory

Integration Therapies fall under the category of Occupational Disorder.   Some of the techniques that

have been found to help patients involve the use of brushing, bouncing, or swinging.  These techniques

were mentioned in various forms in all the books.  Just as each individual is unique on the spectrum so

are the techniques that would be the most effective for proper support.  Irlen support visual adaptive



Why does this reading need to be incorporated to support children with special needs? How can it be

incorporated into education philosophy? How does this reading support the research paper?

This book brings a much larger picture of the kinds of support needed for special education children to

be successful as students as well as independent in life.  A great deal of difficulty exists for the

acceptance for the main stream individuals to accept his theories.   Although certain historical

cultural views do exist such as in the Native American  beliefs that support the kinds of Theories that

William Stillman is advocating.

William Stillman is an Author, Advocate, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Education.  More

importantly what gives him even more credibility is he was diagnosed with Aspergers  Disorder at an

early age. This gives him a unique inside perspective into the experiences, thought processes, and

hypersensitivities of someone on the spectrum.

The documentation for the argument that the author makes is presented in a  credible manner,

and clarifies the type of spiritual healing support that might be needed in great detail for individuals on


This book is a guide to reconnect parents to accepting all aspects of child development including the

aspects of a child’s development that we might not totally understand..  It is a guide to steer people

away from the quick methods of medication to a spiritual holistic parenting approach.  It also reconnects

parents to individual gifts or talents that may have long ago been squished. The disconnect may have

come for family or of peer pressure.  This book also details the difference between the times when

medication is needed for hallucination episodes and when it is an alternative form of energetic sensing

alternative telepathic  type sensing communication exchange.

Scientific documentation is presented in a credible manner that brings the intuitive natural connection

with spiritual heart center.  it to a more credible self empowering method of coming into contact with

the higher power within.

The ideas in this book  and are based off of documented stories and life experiences of the authors.

This book supports the Klein hard  protocol method with practical types and parenting ideas that are

applicable to many children on the Autism Spectrum with hypersensitive of a certain nature that are

documented and discussed in the work of William Stillman and directly cites the argument for

interconnection of a spiritual nature.  The qualification of authors are a combined parenting coach and

psychotherapist.  Interspersed though out the book are the parenting tips that benefit children with the

sensitizes described.  These are also idea that could be applied to all individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Educational Goals:

  1. Facilitated Communication. This method It is based on safe and trusting relationships

and an individual is competence.  A physical support of another individual is used.  The aide of

standing  trips an internal switch for  engaging motor function  capabilities’.


  1. The Dormant Language or Telepathy is mentioned. He cited the great Sigmund


Freud’s belief that Telepathy is a primitive form of communication that predates language.


  1. The need for compassionate accommodations is highly emphasized. He


recommends a combination of visual aides to support comprehension methods.


  1. He extensively documents children that have been touched by a divine force.
  1. Native American cultural acceptance of individuals that we define as special needs, as

spiritual mediums.   This is supported by research that I conducted on a previous quarter on the

Tlingit tribe of South East Alaska.

When a child goes into the classroom an entire child enters the classroom.  The entire sum

of the child’s past and present experiences adds or takes away from the child’s ability to learn as well as

an physiological challenges. These children’s unique life force enters together with other children.  The

individual unique traits affect the entire classes speed on learning new concepts.

Unfortunately the concrete holistic style of information processing that fit most high functioning

spectrum learners along with the hypersensitiveness associate with learning makes public education

settings impossible.  This is a fact that  for professional educator with the school district difficult  to

accept.  Today’s classrooms are set up in a linear for an assembly line process.  The classroom  concept

design is  that   circles must become squares.

Art therapy

Music Therapy

Non Violent communication

Plant Medicine Traditions


Swim Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Preventative Measures

Protection from Cyber Bullying

Skills Building

With the additional responsibility of meeting of the needs of a special need loved ones certain

personal skills building is essential.   The model has a proven record for building and strengthening of

interpersonal relationships with family members as well as with the individual with the communication

difficulties and or delays.  One methodology that holds a great deal of promise that is built on active

listening is called non violent communication.  This technique was developed by Marshall Rosenberg

PHD.  One of the foundational aspects is withholding judgment.

In the reading of Sean and Judy Barron Sean mentioned knowing that this mother was upset but

unable to stay focused to understanding the reason for or why the behaviors were causing problems.

The mother in her frustration would actively spank Sean out of and not having the necessary skills to

deal with the challenges that they faced as family.  Could this Non violent communication model

adapted thought the combine use of visual aids, music, and movement to engage an active learning?

Could a foundation   concepts be introduced in a concrete manner to give a basis for stronger



Success stores and Lessons Learned

The ability to think outside the box gave great thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Benjamin

Franklin, Bill Gates, and Temple Grandin along with countless others the ability to lead us to a major

shift in our thinking process or introduce us to technological innovation.

With the new dramatic increase in the numbers of diagnosed children we are on the verge

of experiencing a major change in our world consciousness.

The individuals emerged as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon so must an Eagle work to

break though the hard shell then learn to sore.  Reading the  stories of the individuals break though the

challenges of the Disorder and emerge and help us understand what some of the thought processes

might be of individuals on the Disorder.  They give us an idea on what are some of the challenges social,

emotional, sensory impacts are.  The following stories give important insight to how challenges

are perceived.  For example the descriptions are  well documented of how sensory challenges can

be de habilitating for individuals point of view with the disorder.  We as a community to engage in the

right kind of support factoring the unique of the individuals involved .  Also we must be careful not to

but push a circle onto a box.  The beauty of the shape might be destroyed in the process.

Some of the common key points the authors emphasize are:

  1. The self imposed isolation do to inability to relate to individuals, and resulting depression.
  2. The detailed description of being tormented and how teasing causing them to withdraw even more

from the people while in school.

  1. The extreme actions to avoid the challenges of interacting with other people.
  2. The need to have some sense of control in life for example, for example Sean making the choice to be the last one on the bus.
  3. The pivotal points for all the authors when a life changing circumstance gave them extra motivation to learn to control the behavior and renewed attempts to focus.
  4. The childhood battle of fighting constantly with images of low self esteem and feelings of self worth.

 Questions Raised

What are the key therapies that  impacted these individuals that parents that could easily accessible and can be implemented to support there child’s emergence from the Autism?

How can these children be supported in an emotionally positive manner?

How the children’s attention be engaged in a stimulating manner?

What are the techniques that can be used at home in everyday activities to increase the therapeutic


Common Threads and Lessons Learned:

  • The traditional school model did not have an environment for  the authors to be encouraged and


  • If anything the traditional school model forced them more into self imposed isolation do to social interaction challenges, This prevented them from absorbing what the classroom had to offer.
  • Lack of accessible intervention from support staff who understood the difficulties of the disorder.
  • Physical aggression in the classroom with insufficient verbal processing abilities
  • The barriers that impacted her forced her to make a extreme choice of going homeless and following a life of drugs and alcohol to find a circle of acceptance.
  • The individuals draw strengths were visual processing abilities and details noticed
  • A natural intuitive need exist to connect with the natural surroundings as a coping skill for processing the day’s events.
  • The unique learning style of Aspergers and ASD created a need for a full physical interactive experience. This type of learning helped create a interest capturing process and acquire the intended knowledge in many situations.   .

9.)    Change of Environment is a major stressor.

  Off Balanced life style choices.

Today in our technology dependent culture children education are focused on basic reading, math

writing skills.  Natural science is no longer taught in the lower grades.  The ability to recognize plants in

the local ecosystem in such a diverse habitat is a skill that is disappearing as we as a culture spend more

time inside.  As a society this increased time in front of the computer scene is not a natural part of our

human evolution.   It was until as little as 100 year ago that we spent most of our time outside as hunter

gatherers  and farmers.  Historically the great plagues of Europe happened in the inner cities surrounded

in an off balance environment in that fostered breeding grounds of different sicknesses.

More than ever our children with the schedules being planned out well in advance pushing our

children to succeed what has evolved is Lack of self directed.    The time left that  isn’t planned out in

activities is spent in front of the TV.


Education reform vs well rounded education

Physical movement increases learning abilities.  The benefit strengthening the Cognitive functions and

stimulates brain development.   The physical movement is required for special education.  This theory is

supported by William Stillman Book triggering learning though movement.  These sources along with

countless other support that in order for learning to be accomplished movement is required  for

individuals with learning delays to be successful.

What would be the most effective approach for this perception to have a more integrated main stream

classroom?  Can Society main stream acceptance to be changes?

Annotated Bibliography  (score 1 being least useful  5 being the greatest use)

(5) Sean and Judy Barron: There’s a Boy in Here Emerging from the Bonds of Autism: Future Horizons 2002

A very insightful book on the thought processes and perceptions of an individual with Autism.  This mother son joint collaboration details one family’s journey on the  process of dealing with supporting a loved one with the affliction of Autism.  The detailed writing covers the emotional struggles and feelings of worthlessness experienced by Sean .  Judy explains her vulnerability and feelings of inadequacy  as a mom.  She describes the interaction quite well of refrigerator professionals had recovered judgments and made the feelings worse.

(3) Lani Alaine Gerity:  Creativity and the Dissociative Patient  :  Jessica Kingsley Publisher

This book contains details of sessions of a woman with multiple personality disorder.  The process of the puppet became a healing point for reintegrating her disorder.  In the sessions the puppet making became a safe point for processing traumatic child hood experiences.  This important exercise helped being the process for her becoming her own inner parent.   making for children on the Autism Spectrum could have positive therapeutic valley.  The cross lateral applicability for potential therapeutic value.

(5) Dawn Prince-Hughes. PH.d:  Songs of the Gorilla Nation My Journey through Autism:  Three Rivers Press

This book is the chronological time line of one women emergence from Autism.  What makes this story slightly different was the late diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.  She details the spiritual interconnections and the origin of how we became to be.  In her writings she describes the spiritual and intuitive communication pattern that developed between her and the animals.  She noticed the same sophisticated communication pattern that Jane Goodall of the chimpanzee.

(5)   William Stillman:  Autism  and the God Connection:  Source Books Inc

This book covers the topic of spiritualism with the Autism experience.  The writer of this book details many person experiences at a consultant for the Autism Community and an diagnosed individual on the Autism spectrum.   His articulate writing guides the reader to a credible based shift of perspective on issues of extended challenges that can be faced by individuals on the spectrum with heightened sensitive.

(5) Caron B Goode, EdD/Tara Paterson” Raising Intuitive Children:  New page Book Publishing Book

The complete book title tells the reader exactly what it is Guide your children to know and trust their gifts Raising Intuitive Children.   Each chapter is broken down to specific aspects of dealing with children’s intuitive natural inheriting gifts.  This supports an early foundation for individual self acceptance.  Each chapter contains a summary and key points for referencing at a later time.

(5) Leeann Whiffen, A Child’s Journey out of Autism:  Source books inc

A detailed documented search and journey of a family search for helping the youngest son. Every emotion is discussed in this book.  Every bit of denial is written about in a very open raw manner.  The author takes the reader thought the journey of hope.  In this book is discussed the in sensitive caring professionals.  In the book also documents the professions and consultant that supported the beginning of the road back to the child they lost when the immunization started.

(5) Dietrich Klinghardt, Elizabeth Hesse:  Envisioning a Brighter Future The Autism Protocol of Dietrich Klinghardt:  Optometric Foundation

An article written to give a reader a fundamental understanding of the Autism Protocol by Klingardt.  It’s gives a solid general over view to present the basic reading gives the fundamental back ground for introduction to key components of the holistic approach.

(5) Future of Food

(5)  McCarthy Jenny, :  Mother Warriors

Written by a actress, comedian, women of fierce compassion, belief, and crusader for public awareness.  Her ultimate goal in these writings is to empower parents to recover their children from this  disorder.

[i] Askabout.com:Autism


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